My Mom and Me

My Mom and Me

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ūüźĺ Dog Moms unite.... ¬†You deserve¬†pampering too!¬†

This gift set includes our best selling luxurious body butter and updated pillow mist in a sleek and elegant brushed aluminum atomizer perfect for any home spa experience.  

Lavender & Bergamot Body Butter - Rich shea butter infused with coconut oil and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of Bergamot and Lavender.   Infused with nutrients of Vitamins A & E, Nellie's body crème provides dry and stressed skin nourishing relief for 24 hours. Choosing a body lotion is a matter of personal preference, however, we are partial to the subtle blend of lavender and bergamot.  This is soon to become her fave too! 

Lavender & Bergamot Pillow Mist - soon to be a nightly ritual and favorite.  Our pillow mist is set apart by the indulgent fragrance of Bergamot essential oil.   Commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood and alleviate stress, bergamot is believed to have physiological effects, including a reduction in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration and an increase in the "feel-good" hormone serotonin and dopamine   

We haven‚Äôt forgotten to pamper Fido or Faith either with our¬†new dog shampoo ‚ÄúLavender & Cedarwoof‚ÄĚ with proven efficacy to fight fleas AND provide a clean fresh scent and shiny, healthy coat they will be giving many kisses. ¬† Topically applied, cedarwood oil helps repel fleas, ticks, and moths from fabric, people, and pets. This oil needs to be diluted prior to applying it to your skin or using it on your pet, which is why our combination of glycerin and distilled water in our soap base makes the perfect carrier. ¬† Lavender is a powerhouse from start to finish - no doubt about it. ¬† It has a WIDE variety of uses but when combined with Cedarwood it‚Äôs main function is for flea control and calming irritated skin while leaving behind a soothing scent. ¬†

Paw Balm with a base of coconut oil and beeswax will soothe and heal dry, cracked paw pads and prevent constant licking.  Blended with essential oils of lavender, chamomile and calendula that are proven as not only safe for pets to ingest but effective as antibacterial and antifungal properties.    Even in warm climates, we need to go to extra steps to protect our fur babies’ pads of their feet.  

The pads on the bottoms of paws are certainly adorable, but they serve a much bigger purpose for our pets. Paw pads provide traction and serve as shock absorbers, protecting the bones, tendons, and ligaments of the legs from the impact of all that walking, running, and climbing.

Paw pads are made up of skin, bone, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue, and the more your pet uses them, the more tolerant they become to heat, cold, and rough surfaces. As tough as the pads are, however, they are not invincible.


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