Dried Lavender Harvest Bundle

Dried Lavender Harvest Bundle

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Dried French Lavender Bundle - straight from the fields!

150 - 180 stems per bunch

14"-16"-inch stems

Organically grown Michigan

Bringing lavender into your home, office or patio is a creative way to generate a calm, relaxing environment. Because dried lavender bunches pair versatility with a lengthy shelf life, they are beloved accents in the world of home decor. Ideas for display are endless, but here are some favorite uses:

Place them in a vase for a bit of soothing color (a guest room or master bedroom are fitting locations).

Add them to a bridal bouquet, wreath, centerpiece or tabletop arrangement

Break them apart in smaller bunches for use in closets or to give your linens and dresser drawers a pleasant aroma.

Lavender helps keep little bugs, including ants away

Place small bunches, tied with a bit of ribbon, on each of your guests’ placeholders.

Once you are done with the blossoms on the stem, don’t throw them away. Rather, pull off all the little purple buds to make loose lavender. Place in a sachet, close tightly, and squeeze repeatedly. This process releases fragrant oils into the air. Place anywhere in need of aromatic rejuvenation.  Experiment with culinary delights!  French lavender is wonderful in Herbes de Provence.